Travelling to Kemmenau

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By plane

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is located about 100km from Kemmenau. From there you can travel to Kemmenau by car, high-speed train or train.

By car

Coming from the Autobahn A3, Frankfurt – Cologne (Köln), take the exit Montabaur (No. 40), then follow the B49, direction Nassau about 4km until exit Niederelbert/Nassau, follow the street to Niederelbert and Welschneudorf. At the roundabout in Welschneudorf take the exit Bad Ems/Kemmenau and follow the street about 4km. In Kemmenau take the first road left ‘Im Kirschengarten’.(Distance from A3 Montabaur to Kemmenau = 15km). Please pay attention to speed-limits on all roads in Germany, even on the autobahn!

By high-speed-train (ICE)

The next high-speed train station is Montabaur ICE-Station (just 25 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport). From there take a taxi to Kemmenau (16km) or the bus line 456 direction Bad Ems.

By train

You can travel by train via Koblenz main station or via Limburg to Bad Ems (not to Bad Ems West). Take a taxi to Kemmenau (5km) or the bus line 456 direction Montabaur.