Must I waive Schuessler cell salts in the case of lactose intolerance?

Recently, there has been a lot of gossip again and again about milk sugar (lactose). Despite this, it is and will remain the most ideal excipient (carrier material) for biochemistry according to Schuessler. In our experience, lactose-free Schuessler cell salts are not the same in terms of their effect as traditional Schuessler cell salts with lactose. As a carrier material, alcohol or suchrose (sugar cane or sugar beet) are used, which, all together, are not quite unproblematic.

If a person has a true lactose intolerance, he or she nevertheless need not go without the effect of lactose Schuessler cell salts. They are simply dissolved in water, ingested in sips and spat out again after 15 seconds. The active ingredients instantly have their effect in the organism via the mucous membranes of the mouth without the burden through lactose.

Friedrich Depke


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