Is there a difference between homeopathy and Schuessler Cell Salts?

Even if biochemistry (= Schuessler cell salts) and homeopathy are produced according to the same procedure, these are two completely different healing methods. The decisive difference is that the active ingredients of homeopathy are primarily substances that are foreign to the body and those of biochemistry are the body’s own building-block and operational materials!

Substances foreign to the body have the effect in the organism of exerting a stimulus. The body’s own building-block and operating materials, by contrast, satisfy a deficiency. Therefore, in homeopathy, one talks in terms of a stimulation therapy (even if the latter are very subtle!) and in biochemistry in terms of a satiating healing method.

The stimulation of a homeopathic medicinal product is followed by a prompt reaction with increased cell activity, which, in the favourable case induces the healing process. The increased cell activity only comes about properly, however, if the cells in question are provided with sufficient operating materials in the form of mineral substances. If the body is deficient in the latter, the stimulation of the homeopathic medicine fizzles out more or less without being able to have a big effect, If the cells are reintroduced to the missing operating materials in the form of Schuessler cell salts, they are able to react accordingly to homeopathic stimuli.

The same thing happens, for example, when the petrol tank of a car is empty.
The engine no longer starts up regardless of whether the accelerator pedal is stimulated gently and lovingly (homoeopathically) or vigorously (allopathically). Only when the tank has been sufficiently filled, that is, has been satiated, can the car motor react accordingly to such “stimuli” of the accelerator pedal.

In my experience, biochemistry and homeopathy complement each other in an ideal way, even if this is often viewed differently in classical homeopathic circles. The concurrent application of biochemistry and homeopathy by no means leads to nullification of the effect of the homeopathic remedy! If that actually were the case, it should seriously be considered whether the patients should also consistently waive eating and drinking during a homeopathic therapy, because this therapy contains the same active ingredients as in Schuessler’s biochemistry. The trituration ratios of the mineral substances in foodstuffs and in source water are very similar to those of Schuessler cell salts.

The trituration of the biochemical mineral salts is necessary in order to make the active ingredients cell-permeable. To achieve this aim, Schuessler used the homeopathic trituration procedure because it gave the best guarantee that, in their gross crystalline form, the mineral substances were destroyed and crushed. Only then is optimal assimilation of the mineral substances ensured.

Friedrich Depke


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