Training Courses Facial Diagnostics and Biochemistry in Germany

Thu, 27 Apr 2017 - Sat, 6 May 2017

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Friedrich Depke Naturheilzentrum e. K.
Im Kirschengarten 8
56132 Kemmenau


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Course Director:
Friedrich Depke

German, translation into English or Swedish upon request

1200,- €

The course is designed to give you a firm footing in using the original eleven Schuessler mineral tissue salts, i.e. knowing their effects, application and dosage.

The basic instrument to this effect is the traditional facial diagnosis which enables you to choose the correct salts needed to cover a deficiency. We teach along the original guidelines of Kurt Hickethier, the founder of the theory of facial diagnostics.

Step by step you will be familiarized with the 24 signs indicating a deficiency in tissue salts. For any deficiency can be clearly seen in the face!

In a further step you will be taught to “see” these signs, assess whether a deficiency exists and if so its severity. In this way, you can determine the correct dosage.

In evaluating these signs, you will always be able to reestablish health and well-being, thus warding off any impending discomforts or illnesses or at least containing any indispositions.

I gladly share all of the insights I have gained in many years of practice with you and let you partake of my experience.

Each course is a complete unit. Attendance is open to anybody and not contingent on prior medical training or learning.

To better differentiate between facial shades, participants wearing glasses must have colourless lenses which should, if at all possible, not have the antireflection code.

During the course, participants’ faces must be free from cremes, ointments, make-up, lipstick, mascara or other cosmetic substances liable to be applied to the skin! In other words: The skin must be left in its natural state!

Booking disounts:

An early booking discount of 20% will be offered, for booking and payment by March 2, 2017.

A repeat booking disount of 50% will be offered for repeating the training course.

Only one discount can be granted.

Here you can find a lot of information about accomodation in Kemmenau or in Bad Ems: or download the ‘Image brochure Bad Ems and hosts (in English)‘.

For further questions feel free to contact us.


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