Training Course Facial Diagnostics and Schuessler Cell Salts in Turkey – Advanced Level I

Fri, 18 Oct 2019 - Sun, 20 Oct 2019

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Course Director:
Friedrich Depke

German, simultaneous translation into Turkish


  • Participation in an Advanced Level Seminar I will only be possible if you have taken part in a complete 3-day Basic Level Seminar held by Friedrich Depke.
  • Participation in the Advanced Level Seminar I will only make sense if, in the meantime, you have applied the knowledge you gained from the Basic Level Seminar.
  • Please bring your written notes from the Basic Level Seminar with you because they will always continue to be supplemented in the Advanced Level Seminar I and in subsequent seminars.
  • Please see to it that your facial skin is in its natural state on all seminar days! That means: no make-up, no mascara, no creams or lotions, no other skin care products and no lipstick!
  • The best facial skin care: washing with water only, in the morning.

On the Contents of the Seminar:

  • In-depth practice of facial diagnostics focussing on: Implementation of facial diagnoses and biochemical prescriptions according to the Original Guidelines of Kurt Hickethier (practical work with people not with photographs!).
  • How do the individual facial diagnostic signs have to be looked at in order to achieve an optimal result using the facial diagnosis? Main focus: The technique of facial diagnostics.
  • Deepening of knowledge of the effect of the 11 original Schuessler cell salts focussing on: External application using Schuessler cell salts.
  • Exchange of experience with the participants in order to reflect on subsequent possibly arising issues between the Basic Level Seminar and Advanced Level Seminar I.
  • Questions & Answers, information and tips from practice for practice.

For the purpose of better differentiation of the facial diagnostics colourations, wearers of spectacles require untinted, anti-glare spectacle lenses.

If you are interested in the seminar, feel free to contact us. We will directly forward your request to our partners in Turkey.