Can Silica D12 dissolve implants in the body?

It is frequently reported by various sources that the Schuessler cell salt Silica D12 dissolves implants, pacemakers, screws, plates, artificial hip joints, etc., in the organism. For this reason, affected patients receive recommendations to the effect that this Schuessler cell salt should absolutely be strictly avoided.

These statements cannot by any means be confirmed in terms of traditional facial diagnostics according to Kurt Hickethier! In this case, the effect of Schuessler cell salts is disproportionately overestimated. Moreover, the people affected by this are unnecessarily made insecure!

Among the manifold tasks of the Schuessler cell salt Silica D12 is the formation of connective tissue. At the same time, it purifies the connective tissue and facilitates the elimination of deposits. Such deposits can be, for example, uric acid crystals, bruises, pus, etc., but also smaller foreign bodies, like splinters.

Larger foreign bodies like, e.g. implants, on the other hand, can hardly be endangered by Silica. These foreign bodies can be severe disturbing factors in the organism. Here, Silica has the task of encasing and encapsulating larger foreign bodies, to which implants, artificial hip joints, etc. belong. As a result, thanks to Silica D12, such foreign bodies are no longer such great disturbing factors and the organism is in a position to come to terms with such foreign bodies. At all events, they will not be loosened or dissolved as a result of this Schuessler cell salt!

Friedrich Depke


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