Are Schuessler cell salts produced chemically?

Question: I have been taking Schuessler cell salts for quite a long time. Now I have a question: How are the minerals obtained? From nature or are they produced chemically?

Answer: Just like the salts in biochemistry are processed, with regard to purity, they are not found in nature. They are only found to a small extent in large deposits. All mineral salts must generally be chemically processed so that they can perform what we expect of them. Not everything that is chemically produced is bad! Our body demonstrates this for us on a daily basis.

Something basic. The term chemistry means nothing other than: doctrine of build-up, behaviour and the transformation of substances as well as the applicable laws in the process. It always depends on what man does with the individual things.

Is a knife always something bad? If it is used as a tool in everyday life, then no. If it is used to inflict harm on people, then yes. Therefore, generally describing a knife as something bad would be wrong. I see chemistry in the same way.

Friedrich Depke


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