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Friedrich Depke

Friedrich Depke
Born 1955, married with 2 children

How I came across biochemical therapy and facial diagnostics

At the age of four, I fell sick with rheumatoid arthritis and rickets. My mother tried every medical treatment available, but my disease was resistant to any therapy and did not react to any measure or medication. As a result of this, I developed severe knock knees and very strong joint pain which prevented me from walking.

Luckily for me, my father lost patience before I was completely crippled. He sought advice from his two sisters Luise and Charlotte Depke, who had worked very closely with Kurt Hickethier for almost three decades and who, after his death, continued his life’s work. They advised urgent treatment according to Hickethier in their sanatorium.

I was treated in Kemmenau by my aunts, who applied Hickethier’s healing methods, including facial diagnostics, biochemical treatments and mineral baths. On top of this, I received healthy nutritious meals, which in today’s terms are regarded as wholemeal vegetarian. All these measures were successful and within 6 weeks I was free of joint pain, my bow legs straightened and I could learn to walk again.

Taking cell salts improved my health greatly, but the unhealthy environment of my parents home in Gelsenkirchen threatened to negate all this good work. So I remained in Kemmenau and thrived under the guidance of my two aunts. As a child it was natural for me to learn about the biochemical therapy; this influenced my later life.

At the age of 15, I successfully completed my first two week seminar in facial diagnostics and biochemistry. Although I already knew quite a lot about cell salts, this seminar provided the spark for my future profession. At the end of my schooling – at the age of 18 – I started a six year traineeship with my aunts. It was particularly important to me to learn as much as possible from them, because they were already in their late sixties, an age where many others had already retired to enjoy their well-earned pension.

After having successfully completed my training, I began my formal naturopathic education in order to practice my work within the correct legal framework.

Luckily for me, I was still able to enjoy working with my two aunts for many years and so picked up much of their knowledge and experience in treatments based upon biochemical therapy and facial diagnostics. My collaboration with Luise Depke lasted 13 years and with Charlotte Depke, who adopted me, 22 years. I am very grateful that fate allowed me to study under these two extraordinary teachers.

Since 1990, I have worked in my own practice in Kemmenau as a natural therapist. I also facilitate seminars and talks about biochemical therapy and traditional facial diagnostics, so that anyone interested can get to know Hickethier’s and Schuessler’s work.


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